Traditional, Ineffective Websites are dead!  R.I.P.!


The All In One Website with a
Sales and Marketing Platform
for Medical Practices

We don’t just “give you a website.” We provide a sales generating platform
that grows your medical practice online.

Website Marketing 101 Explained in plain English
Find out what the top 5% of businesses are doing to get more leads online. It ain’t rocket science.

You Need More than just a
Traditional Website to Grow Your Practice Online

Your website is your most important marketing asset
and it should be more than a beautiful brochure.

Unfortunately, most web designers don’t understand marketing and sales.
High-end marketers do understand, but they cost a bloody fortune.

Avatar Marketing Works understands both, and fills that gap of cost and effective marketing …

We build websites that attract, capture and convert visitors into patients.

4 Core Features of an Effective Website

You need these platforms as the foundation of an effective marketing campaign.

Website Platform

You need a website that Google loves and has all the marketing features that generate leads. Our WordPress websites perform at a higher level, and are more secure than regular websites.

Marketing Platform

Our marketing platform has all the features you need to capture and nurture new leads into highly qualified prospects. It’s what marketing pros use, but for a fraction of what they charge.

Sales Platform

Our sales platform has been built with your business in mind. We automate as much as possible so you only need to get involved with high-quality leads. This platform just gets better and better with constant performance updates.

Support Platform

We provide you with all the website updates, technical support, and sales & marketing training you need to explode the growth of your business. We help show you how to make this system work even better.

Get A Website + Sales & Marketing Platform that
Will Grow Your Business.

Join the top 3% of your industry who are taking the best patients for themselves.

We all know you need to do something different to get different results.
Is today “that day” you will do something different?

6 Reasons To Choose


We’re marketing experts

Once you become a member you will never need to look for marketing advice again. We are marketing experts not just website builders and we actively help you grow your business.

Money-back guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with your website and platform we will offer you a refund. We want our members to be confident in our platform.

Unlimited Lifetime support

Whether you need a new page created or a sentence update on a page we will do it for you. You never have to try to update your website again.

You’ll never need another website

We will refresh the look and feel of your website every 24 months. You will never have to pay for another website design again.

Unlimited Marketing training

We have weekly group coaching calls on zoom, monthly live marketing training, and a catalog of prerecorded training workshops. If you want to learn to sell more, we will show you how.

We optimize for SEO​

Your website should rank high on Google. We work on your website every month with new content and SEO optimization to ensure you rank as high as possible.

Ongoing marketing is the only way to secure an ongoing client stream.

Now, function trumps form
Web design is a wonderful thing and a great place to start, but that’s where it stops. A splashy website was enough in the late 90’s when not everyone had a website. It’s now more effective to have a website that gets you clients than to have a cool-looking website. The best of both worlds is: (1) a website that effectively gets you clients and (2) one that continues your brand design and esthetic. You can be both successful and maintain your image, but let’s make sure “successful” isn’t sacrificed because of old marketing ideas.

How to choose a CRM

A Customer Relationship Management program, or CRM, is great at keeping marketing systems in place and running effectively. But, like a computer, “garbage-in-garbage-out.” That means, like any complex machine that makes your life easier, your CRM has to be run correctly and maintained. It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles the CRM has if it can’t be used correctly. Think of it like an old-fashioned VCR; eventually everyone can run it, but who wants to watch or is compelled to buy my products?

In bad times double down
on effective social media marketing to thrive.

These are some pretty interesting times. COVID wiped out many businesses and others made more money during the same period. Same with 2008 and even “The Great Depression” of the thirties.

Campbell Soup
I just gave you the answer … At the beginning of the depression of the thirties, there was over 2 dozen National soup companies, at the end of the depression there was only one…

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Find out what the top 3% of businesses are doing to get more leads online. It ain’t rocket science.

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